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Boost Your Writing Career and Double Your Income Doing What You Love

"As writers, we limit our own opportunities because we don't understand the full scope of what it means to be a writer. My mission is to expand your image of success and equip you to step into everything you're capable of as a professional writer." 

Kathryn Aragon

Kathryn Aragon / Founder, the Writer's Lounge

What Type of Support Do You Need?

1:1 Coaching

Choose among 3 options for 1:1 coaching: Writing Bootcamp, Writer Entrepreneur Mentoring, or short-term coaching.

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The Writer's Lounge

Affordable and ongoing, this group mentoring program gives you daily support and training to reach your biggest goals as a writer—no matter what they are. 

writer's lounge

Courses and Books

Learn at your pace with books and courses aimed to make you a better, smarter writer.

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Why You'll Enjoy Working with Me

I'm not "just" a writer...

I think of myself as a writer entrepreneur, and my goal is to help you become one too.

As your teacher and guide, I'll help you find your true value and show you how to create multiple streams of income so you can reach your biggest goals doing what you love.


Practical, actionable advice

True success is sustainable, so it needs to be streamlined and actionable. I keep things as "zen" as possible.


No one-size-fits-all solutions

Each of us has unique needs, so I'll aim to provide personalized solutions that work for you.


No fluff or nonsense

Fluff is a waste of time. I'll always cut to the chase, focusing on the things that matter most.


I respect your personal journey

All of us are at different points in our success journeys. I'll respect yours and I hope you'll respect mine in return.

Ann Jordan-Mills

Ann Jordan-Mills


Kathryn is easily able to synthesize ideas, explains her points with a clarity that helps the listener clearly understand her thoughts and views, and has a calm, yet focused, approach to finding solutions.


 Quentin Mike'l Rico Freeman 


I no longer fear writing content at all. Nope… I just focus on getting better at it everyday. 

Luke Tillman-Young

Luke Tillman-Young

Tillman Young Agency


This is really really good. I just built an awesome roadmap for my business off of this. Thanks!

Reach Out Today

I love working with writers and helping them reach their full potential. But I understand you may have questions. Feel free to reach out anytime. 


Hi. My name is Kathryn Aragon. I’m an award-winning writer & marketer, strategist, and consultant. Read more...



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